frequently asked questions


Why should I hire CW home?

With hiring CW home, you will receive a completely customized, full service organizing experience. From the initial assessment, we then organize and categorize your belongings, measure your spaces, research and purchase the perfect storage solutions, implement the solutions, and drop all unwanted items at the donation site of your choice.

Who hires CW home?

Our typical client is someone who needs help getting their home back in order. We know that life happens, and that most people don’t want to spend their free time organizing their garage. Our passion is helping busy moms who are struggling with work-life balance, new babies, or just need a refresh to get their home in order. No matter who you are, or how big or how small your project is, we promise to deliver an end result that will work for your home and your lifestyle.

What does CW home offer?

We truly believe there is no space we can’t help with. From garages, to nurseries, and every closet in between.

What does the process look like?

No matter how big or small the project is, the process is the same. Our first step is to get you on the schedule for an in-home needs assessment and to provide you with a quote. On organization day, every item is taken out of the space and categorized. While the space is empty, we will measure, research, and purchase storage solutions that meet the needs of your space and your belongings. We then implement the solutions, clear away any items for donation, and leave you with a clean, tidy, and simplified space.

“I don’t have time to organize. Can you do it without me?”

While we don’t need your attendance 100% of the time, we do need your input in order to meet your expectations. We generally ask for about 10-25% of your time per project, and input can be delivered in notes, FaceTime calls, or whatever works best for your schedule!

What if I don’t want to maintain it after the initial clean out?

Don’t worry, we get this question a lot! We offer several maintenance packages that can be used at the frequency of your choice.

Can I hire CW home if I don’t live in Charlotte?

Of course! We love to travel! Please email us for our travel pricing.

How can I book CW home?

Please fill out the form on our Contact page or email as at

Does CW home help with moving?

Of course!! There is nothing we love more than helping a client move into a new space and find the perfect home for all of their belongings.

How much does CW home cost?

Please visit our Pricing page to see our In Home À La Carte and Package Rates, as well as options for DIY and Maintenance.

“I can just do it myself.”

While I’m sure you can, we have the knowledge, resources and experience with both spaces and products which allow us to complete projects in a fraction of the time. Hire a professional so you can go enjoy your weekend with your family!

If you truly believe the Do It Yourself approach is for you, check out our Pricing page to learn more about our DIY rates.

“My husband thinks it costs too much.”

We hear this statement a lot, but our promise is this - everyday you have to live in your home, and when there is clutter, you are more likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed just doing minimal daily tasks and activities. The reward of organizing is that everyday feels better and easier, daily tasks are stress free, and the best part - when your husband asks you where something is, you can tell him exactly where to find it!